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About SCP


Senior Care Pharmacy is co-owned by Lee W. Gerber, Merlin McFarland, and Suzanne Meeker.


Senior Care Pharmacy being locally owned and operated has played an active part in our community for over a decade. We employ approximately 45 people from the community. Since our doors were opened in 2003, we have supported the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk every year. This past year, we supported Boy Scouts, Share the Season, Sweet Memories, Guadalupe Clinic, Catholic Charities, and several of our non-profit facility fundraisers.

Senior Care Pharmacy has developed a strong educational directive for the facilities that we service. This past year we have had educational programs for our facilities on constipation, diabetes management, dementia treatment with behavior modification, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, disease updates in asthma and COPD guidelines, and the diagnosis and treatment of seizures in special populations. We also are available for speaking engagements for groups interested in our unique services.

Lee is a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist who has completed an Interdisciplinary GeroPsych Behavioral Disorders Traineeship at McLean Hospital in Boston, MA.


Merlin has spent 8 years on the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy. Both Lee and Merlin serve as KU preceptors for the School of Pharmacy working with students in their last year of school who have an interest in learning about long-term care.


Suzanne is a licensed Adult Care Home Administrator and a Board Certified Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who spent over 5 years as a Director of Nursing in long-term care.

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